All photography provided by Rebecca Lunn

Anchored Owl Production's Inc. was founded on June 4th, 2014 by founder and owner Rebecca Lunn.


Rebecca's Story

      Rebecca has been creative and curious her entire life. She sees the beauty in cinema that some may over look. A writer, first, and then she branched out into Producing and Directing without even knowing she loved it or had the talent. Her cinematic passion formed in high school, when she would take control of the entire production of high school video projects. 

     Now, a Columbia College Chicago Alumna '12, with experience under her belt. Rebecca launched AOP in hopes to help other artists with creative passion and drive, have their creative dreams become a reality. 

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Script Supervising and getting makeup done for "Model #4".

Exploring film gear used on Rebecca's trip to Italia, for film school.

On the set as "Model #4".

The Name you ask?

Anchored Owl Productions, Inc. is named after Rebecca's maternal grandparents, Martin and Marian Schlender.

    Anchored stems from her Grandfather, Marty, being a Navy Veteran of the Korean War. The Owl stems from her Grandmother Marian's love of owls, she collected and admired them her entire life.

Both Grandparents have passed, they never knew of this company, but the name is to carry on their memory and display what hard-work, ambitions, passion, and hope can lead to.

Martin and Marian Schlender at their home in Chicago.

Martin on the U.S.S. Noble in Korea.

Marian, pregnant with her first son, while her husband was overseas at war. This photograph was actually mailed to Martin while he was overseas as well.