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All Photography provided by Rebecca Lunn

Mr. McGregory's acting reel created by Anchored Owl Productions, Inc.

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Credits: Actor: Shon McGregory

Editor of Clips: Rebecca Lunn, Founder and Owner of AOP. Used FCP X and Compressor

Music: Created by Jason Ball


Anchored Owl Productions, Inc. has a plethora of services available for solo projects. Actor's reels, Editing Scripts/Teleplays, Drawing up Contracts for Film/Photography, and even Call Sheets.

These services are to enhance any small/indie production be secure, safe, and achieve the official film feeling. No actor or crew enjoys working hard and without contracts and proper documentation. 

These are just some of the services we may assist you with. Our Founder and Owner, Rebecca Lunn is well rounded in Film Production and able to help your production, no matter the size.

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