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  • Producer, Writer, and Director Annette Galloway's Just A Friend  
    • AOP's Rebecca Lunn was Script Supervisor on this SAG Feature

      • Starring: Drew Sidora, Erica Hubbard, Trae Irerland, Christopher Nolen, and Toccara Jones

  • Producer, Writer, Director, and Actress Puja Mohindra's Nima Beauty Shop
    • AOP's Rebecca Lunn was Script Supervisor on this SAG Short Film
  • Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor Christopher Nolen's Professor Mack

    • AOP's Rebecca Lunn was Script Supervisor on this SAG Feature

      • Starring: Lisa Wu, Timon Kyle Durret, Robert Christopher Riley, Christopher Nolen, and Malcom Banks

Anchored Owl was invited into the life of one man's family. He told us the stories of the woes of his grandparents, Mary and John, moving from Poland to America and starting a life in Crystal Falls, Michigan. How his Father, Gregory, made the same voyage to America as well. When Mary and Gregory, his parents, married they built a small American-Polish family of ten children. The family dwindled down to eight children, due to a set of twins passing away as infants. The family started a dairy farm and in the down time the men were miners. Two sons fought in WWII. The family scattered and has roots tied in Chicago. This vast and captivating story will entice Americans to learn of time that has long been forgotten. A world that was laced with uncertainty, this is Walter Tuchowski's story.

Mute's Teaser, get a taste of this amazing film.

Mute written, directed, and produced by Daryle Moore

Official Mute website. Mute's Facebook.

  • Anchored Owl Productions is in association with this film:
    • Assistant Director
    • Executive Producer